The Schoolhouse at Mutianyu is a sustainable tourism development underneath Mutianyu Great Wall consisting of 3 restaurants and Lodging. All of our food is home-made from scratch, we grow our own vegetables, source locally as much as possible and hire and train local people. We have created an annual celebration during the harvest season, which we call "Slow Food Saturday". The primary focus of this event is to promote culinary traditions and the slow food philosophy while having fun and enjoying the local countryside nestled under the Great Wall of China at Mutianyu.

The Slow Food movement is all about preserving cultural cuisine, and in doing so preserving local foods, farming and ways of life. Slow Food is the antithesis to large-scale commercial food production and today's fast-food culture. Slow Food brings back the joy in eating, and encourages us to connect over food.

We would like to note that we do not want Slow Food Saturday to become a commercial fair. Through this event we wish to continue to highlight our local communities as well as businesses that put their heart and soul into providing nourishing, delicious slow foods.

Please see below for the event schedule and timing of festivities for Slow Food Saturday 2011.



If you would like to rent a table in Roadhouse Restaurant for a demonstration, OR sponsor a lucky draw prize, please contact
Volunteers still needed, if you are interested, please send us an email.

Event and contact information:

Event Slow Food Saturday

Saturday 3rd September 2011, 10:30am-17:00pm

You can also choose to stay overnight; we will have the local hotel information available from which you can choose.
Registration period

From 2011-07-30, 9:00am to 2011-8-30,18:00pm

Sponsor Schoolhouse Hotels

10 or more local restaurants around International Culture Village – providing food
Mutianyu Great Wall Office – providing shuttle bus
CITS – providing bus to and from Beijing; 80rmb rd trip
Bicycle Kingdom – providing bicycles available for rental
Peking Design - providing website design

Location International Culture Village , Mutianyu, Beigou, Xinying, Tianxianyu
Method Biking (bike options available on Bicycle Kingdom – YOU MUST PRE-BOOK), hiking or shuttle bus.
Telephone 15811229491, 010-61626282
Necessary info for register Name, number of people, phone number, do you need a bus seat to/from Beijin
Address of Starting Point The Roadhouse at the Mutianyu Village roundabout, Huairou District, Beijing 101405
Registration Fee Find out from the payment method below,not including renting bike and transportation to or from Beijng
Items Upon Registration Slow Food T-shirt, 1 set of food chits, free shuttle bus around 4 villages.


Please make sure you book your bus seat before 8/30/2011 by sending us an email. Please bring the exact amount as volunteers will not have change. There will be the last bus passing by Pinnacle Plaza, Shunyi. Whoever wants to come from Shunyi please emphasis by email.

Bus Leaving point/arriving point Trek store, South of Chaoyang park/Roadhouse

Beijing Departure Time/ Mutianyu departure Time

Bus will leave when full from 8:40-9:00am/

Same day Round Trip/
Back on next day Round Trip


You can also drive your own car to join us, Click here for map location and directions.

Payment method:

  • Register beforehand and prepay. Registration fee is RMB 100.
  • Register beforehand but pay on arrival. Registration fee is RMB 120.
  • Register and pay on arrival. Registration fee is RMB 150.

Prepayment MUST be made by bank transfer. Please send us an email to confirm your payment method, and we will send you a"money request"email. Children under 4 are free but no gift package (T-shirt, food chits).

Event content:

  • Each of the restaurants will serve 3local dishes, including a main, a salad and a drink.
  • Each of our guests will get one set of food chits when he/she get registered. If any guest wants more, he/she can purchase from roadhouse which is the starting point of this event.
  • Each of our guests can download the map/event schedule/shuttle bus schedule from the website.
  • All the registered guests will have the opportunity to attend the photography contest. The prize will be a Rmb1000 voucher for staying in any of our houses.

Event schedule:

Restaurants commence local food demonstrations - volunteers explain to the guests the ingredients and the story behind the dish, will have a specific list with more details.

Village Art Garage(Beigou).
Limoncello in the Gallery

Mutianyu, Schoolhouse.
Ice cream Demonstration with speech from Executive Chef Randhir Singh.

Beigou. Corn milling demonstration. Milled corn made into corn pie on site.

Xiaolumian. Noodle-making demonstration. Village Folks performance.

Tianxianyu, Xinying Villages
Handmade Arts & Crafts artists do a demonstration.

Beigou, Tianxianyu Villages
Dancing Ladies

Mutianyu Village. Bohai township school student performance.

Mutianyu, Schoolhouse, Glass Blowing Demonstration

Mutianyu, Schoolhouse. Ice cream Demonstration

Xiaolumian. Noodle-making demonstration. Village Folks performance.

Roadhouse. Local pears, chestnuts, walnuts, chestnut mushroom are available on sale by local people

Toufu-making Demonstration.
Hand carved art marble tiles.
Other Demonstrations (this will be further updated).

lucky draw
1. The Schoolhouse restaurant donated a free night at any of our houses according to houses availability and reservation required (Breakfast not included). Please find house information on
2. The Schoolhouse art glass studio donated a pair of white wine glass.
3. The opposite house donated a BBQ dinner for 5 at Village Café.
More prizes are coming…

Shuttle bus schedule:

TIME 10:30am 12:00pm 13:30pm 15:00pm


Mutianyu-Beigou Beigou-Tianxianyu Tianxianyu-Roadhouse
  - Xinying/Roadhouse - Xinying


Tianxianyu-Mutianyu Mutianyu-Beigou Beigou-Roadhouse
  Xinying Xinying/Roadhouse Xinying/Roadhouse Xinying
Bus3 Roadhouse-Beigou Beigou-Tianxianyu Tianxianyu-Mutianyu Mutianyu-Roadhouse
  Xinying - Xinying/Roadhouse -

Remarks: Xinying village is in between Beigou, Mutianyu and Tianxianyu.



In Partnership With 与共享计划:


know more about Slow Food 2010, please click here

What is Slow Food



Supporting businesses 支持公司:

The Schoolhouse Canteen


Brickyard Inn


Bicycle Kingdom





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